Thursday, April 30, 2009

My biggest baby, TYLER!

On April 21, 1990, yes like I said I am running behind, Tyler Benjamin Kizzar was born to goodly, inexperienced parents! He weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds 9 ounces, and 21 inches long. Labor was fast and furious, no epidural, pain meds, just pure, unadulterated PAIN!!!

Gosh, I love this kid. He was such a great first baby.

He's 3 months old

Cute little 4 year old!

Because he is now 19, here are 19 reasons that are GREAT about Him!

1. Easy
2. Cute
3. Tenderhearted
4. Has always done well in school
5. Loves, I mean LOVES sports
6. Silly
7. Fun Loving
8. Has a Testimony
9. Big Galute
10. Generous - Bought Rockband for the Christmas family gift
11. Willing
12. Funny, always makes all of us Laugh
13. Loves Life
14. Food Conoisseur (sp?)
15. Inventor (of ways to stay sitting, just kidding)
16. Great thumb, finger, eye coordination (X-BOX)
17. Loves Joking around
18. Good choice Maker
19. Most of all, I am so glad he is mine!

Playing Catch-up!

Once again, I'm not on the ball, I'm underneath it! Haven't even been on here, shame shame!!! First off I thought I would tell you all I had my free session with Emily that I won. It was awesome. I don't usually win contests, so it started off very exciting. Emily is wonderful. I was very comfortable on my bed, sprawled, (is that a word? Or maybe it is not spelled right!) Basically it is a lot of positive reinforcement on energies that are fuzzy or have negativity with them, Emily set me straight if I am wrong. She helped reinforce positive thoughts and feelings. I think I could definately go for a few more sessions, I am a tad, ok not a tad, crazy and kind of wacky, but she was wonderful. There were several times things hit very close to home and evoked some powerful feelings, (can I break into song?) I would say go for it, go have a session with Emily. I need to do it again!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter was very crazy. Bryce and I went out of town kind of impromptuly (is that a word?) My family was having a special dinner while my mom and brother from Idaho were there, on Saturday night. We were not going to go because of Easter on sunday and obligations. Dani was asked to go by my mom, but she didn't want to go without us. So she begged us to come down. I really want her to feel comfortable to do things with my family, so off we went on Friday, and drove back home on Saturday night. I got to bed after 2AM that's very late for me!!! I scrambled for singing time, oh my, put Easter baskets together, and went to bed. After church we had planned to have a non-member family of Bryce's over for Dinner. I cooked and cooked and cooked. It all turned out beautifully, except I miss having little ones!

April Fool's Day

Every April Fool's Day we do a special dinner. Usually we try and invite a different family over, one we don't know as well. This year I let the kids have a friend over. I make up funny names, 9 of them. Because we will have 3 courses of 3 things.Each person gets a piece of paper with these words on it. They number it in random order from 1-9. They each have a partner who gets their food for them. I then post the master list that has what each item really is:For the first course they get 1,2,and 3, and so on for each course. It is so funny when you have no silverware, because you don't get to keep anything from earlier courses, and you have to eat spaghetti, or eat your jello salad with your garlic bread because you have no silverware! We have a lot of fun with it, and it is a tradition. I didn't take pictures of anyone eating, though, they would've killed me!

Lake Tahoe, Incredible!

The end of March, yes I know I am running so very behind. Just didn't feel like getting on I guess. Any ways, I went to Tahoe with my sister-in-law, Korby. She had 2 nights 3 days from a timeshare thing. She asked me to go, I went. I had never been to Tahoe before. Oh my goodness, good golly miss molly!!! It was so beautiful. We didn't ski, no money. But we had fun just relaxing and being goofs! I took pictures on the way there of a few places along the way:
The color purple!
Carson City, the capital!
This is where we stayed!
Oh My!
Korby, my sister-in-law!
Yep, that's me!
Love those Blues Brothers!

We had a wonderful time and it was gorgeous weather!!! Oh I took these pictures of some really cool clouds on the way home: