Thursday, April 21, 2011

He's so 21

My oldest, Tyler Kizzar, is 21 years old today. So very very crazy. The night before he was born I ate strawberry shortcake and played hearts with our best friends Michael and Cathy Tucker. He came fast and we all did great! Tyler is an amazing son and I love him soooo very much. Here are 21 reasons why I love my Ty-Ty:

1. He's Funny
2. Is thoughtful of others
3. He embraced change and didn't let it beat him
4. Loves his family
5. Realizes the power of hard work
6. Cares for others
7. Good eye hand coordination
8. Honors his paretns
9. Has never been ashamed to tell me he loves me!
10. Loves goofing around with his younger brothers
11. His sisters adore him
12. Not too cheep, heehee
13. Loves sports
14. Will be a great father some day when he's married in the temple!
15. Loves Music
16. Sho very shmart
17. Very Friendly
18. Loves his MOM, right!
19. Has good friends
20. Has such a great sense of humor
21. Knows he's loved beyond measure, and that we miss him terribly, and we are so much better because of him.