Friday, July 31, 2009

Sebatical is OVER!!!

Yep I am back. Really no excuses, I guess just LAZY! But I just added a few posts about a few of the things that we have been up to. I had a hard time remebering, so I just did the majors. I have missed checking on all of you!

Prescott, AZ

We have taken several trips to Prescott, but just this last weekend we picked up Connor and Brenna from Mesa, and then had some fun in Prescott. We went to Lynx Lake and did the paddle boats, i fried my knees, boo hoo! We also went to a rescue zoo. I don't know what happened to my animal pictures, but we were the closest I have ever been to a tiger. It just layed there, right by the fence and looked at us, 3 feet away. Awesome animal! We had a blast with Connor and Bren. The weather was beautiful, monsoon rains, it was gorgeous!

Dani, sweet 16!!!!!

On July 7, 1993, (yes I feel like I've typed this somewhere before!) my first beautiful girl was born. We were able to take Dani to dinner at Buca di Beppo in Mesa on her birthday. It was a little difficult for me, not having her like we normally do, and having cake, etc., but Bryce and I, and Dani went and had a fun time. She is a fun girl, and I am so grateful for her and love her so very much. Here are 16 things that are awesome about Dani!

1. She has attitude!
2. She is sensitive to hurt feelings.
3. Hard worker.
4. She was my first live Barbie doll, I changed her clothes constantly!
5. Loves her family
6. Is willing to work hard on projects.
7. Very healthy lungs.
8. Should enter the national Belching contest, top 5 I bet!
9. One of the fastest texters I know!
10. I loved having her climb on my bed and just visit.
11. I miss her a lot!
12. I love it when she speaks French!
13. I will always be willing to give you a "high pony" Dani!
14. She is a great help to her Dad.
15. Is usually quick to smile, and willing to help out.
16. She is making good decisions, and has a testimony.

Love her very much!

Brenna is 14, oh my!

On June 12, 1995, Brenna Jean Kizzar blessed this world, and we celebrated her 14th birthday right here in 2009. We had a blast. She had her first real boy/girl birthday party, and they were all a blast. Considering she turned 14, and I can't believe it, I felt I would write 14 things that are special about her!
1. She has the most incredible smile!
2. She was the most relaxed and easy going baby, and still is (a baby that is-- just kidding!)
3. Fairly low maintenance.
4. Obedient, most of the time!
5. Sensitive to others
6. Tender heart
7. A smile is usually just around the corner.
8. Willing to try new things.
9. Great soccer player.
10. Loves her family
11. Great worker
12. Loves a good book
13. Is very thankful
14. Has a testimony
I just want to tell a sweet story about Brenna. When I was off having Connor, she was staying with my very good friend. My friend was struggling to have children at the time, and was a little sad and happy about Connor being born. Brenna, 2 1/2 yrs old, was sitting on her lap and asked her what was wrong, my friend explained to her, and Brenna said, "It's ok Tandy, I be your baby!" Sweet, sweet little girlie. I am very grateful for her and love her very much, she is a special blessing!!