Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweet 16 and never been kissed,.... uh-hmmm!

Brenna Jean Kizzar is 16! I can't believe it! My baby girlie is 16. Sixteen, do you hear me? 16! Crazy! I love her sooooo much! She came into this world and has been pretty easy going since. But I still can picture her lifting her sun dress up, while I was working with her older sisters tee-ball team, and having no underwear on and tinkling in the grass! Ahhhh good times! Here are 16 reasons why I love Brenna and am so grateful for this day celebrating her birth:

1. Her smile lights up the room.
2. She knows how to work hard.
3. She is a beautiful young woman.
4. She values her friends.
5. She sets goals, and works on them.
6. She has a testimony.
7. Brenna is ok in her own skin.
8. She is willing to try new things.
9. She is a tenderheart!
10. She is 100% cool!
11. She is soooo smart.
12. She gives great foot massages.
13. Bren loves her family.
14. She is goofy, love that.
15. She is fun to ride horses with!
16. We love every moment we get to spend with her. She blesses our life!

Thank you Brenny Jeannie for being you!