Thursday, July 7, 2011

Danielle, My New Little 18 Year Old!!!!!

WOW!!!! 18 years ago today she blessed our lives, AMAZING!!! So today I tell my little Dani 18 reasons why I love her and think she's awesome!:

1. She is very energetic!
2. She can pull people together.
3. Knows the importance of family.
4. Appreciates her friends.
4. Her smile can light up the room!
5. She can accomplish anything she puts her mind to!
6. She is confident.
7. She has always been able to recognize the spirit.
8. She is a go-getter.
9. Sometimes she learns the hard way, but she learns!
10. She makes me laugh.
11. She keeps me humble.
12. She is very generous.
13. She loves her brothers and sisters.
14. She loves Bryce and I!!!!!!!! (Right????!!!!)
15. She is very dramatic, especially with a brooklyn accent!
16. She values her family.
17. She is so dang smart.
18. She blesses my life everyday, and I am soooo grateful for her and love her more than she knows!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 18th Birthday Sweetheart!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweet 16 and never been kissed,.... uh-hmmm!

Brenna Jean Kizzar is 16! I can't believe it! My baby girlie is 16. Sixteen, do you hear me? 16! Crazy! I love her sooooo much! She came into this world and has been pretty easy going since. But I still can picture her lifting her sun dress up, while I was working with her older sisters tee-ball team, and having no underwear on and tinkling in the grass! Ahhhh good times! Here are 16 reasons why I love Brenna and am so grateful for this day celebrating her birth:

1. Her smile lights up the room.
2. She knows how to work hard.
3. She is a beautiful young woman.
4. She values her friends.
5. She sets goals, and works on them.
6. She has a testimony.
7. Brenna is ok in her own skin.
8. She is willing to try new things.
9. She is a tenderheart!
10. She is 100% cool!
11. She is soooo smart.
12. She gives great foot massages.
13. Bren loves her family.
14. She is goofy, love that.
15. She is fun to ride horses with!
16. We love every moment we get to spend with her. She blesses our life!

Thank you Brenny Jeannie for being you!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

He's so 21

My oldest, Tyler Kizzar, is 21 years old today. So very very crazy. The night before he was born I ate strawberry shortcake and played hearts with our best friends Michael and Cathy Tucker. He came fast and we all did great! Tyler is an amazing son and I love him soooo very much. Here are 21 reasons why I love my Ty-Ty:

1. He's Funny
2. Is thoughtful of others
3. He embraced change and didn't let it beat him
4. Loves his family
5. Realizes the power of hard work
6. Cares for others
7. Good eye hand coordination
8. Honors his paretns
9. Has never been ashamed to tell me he loves me!
10. Loves goofing around with his younger brothers
11. His sisters adore him
12. Not too cheep, heehee
13. Loves sports
14. Will be a great father some day when he's married in the temple!
15. Loves Music
16. Sho very shmart
17. Very Friendly
18. Loves his MOM, right!
19. Has good friends
20. Has such a great sense of humor
21. Knows he's loved beyond measure, and that we miss him terribly, and we are so much better because of him.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beautiful Music

My sister sent me this, and I just loved it. Please listen to it, just pause my music first. The song is absolutely beautiful and just precious. Goes beautifully with the art. Enjoy!!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Sebatical is OVER!!!

Yep I am back. Really no excuses, I guess just LAZY! But I just added a few posts about a few of the things that we have been up to. I had a hard time remebering, so I just did the majors. I have missed checking on all of you!

Prescott, AZ

We have taken several trips to Prescott, but just this last weekend we picked up Connor and Brenna from Mesa, and then had some fun in Prescott. We went to Lynx Lake and did the paddle boats, i fried my knees, boo hoo! We also went to a rescue zoo. I don't know what happened to my animal pictures, but we were the closest I have ever been to a tiger. It just layed there, right by the fence and looked at us, 3 feet away. Awesome animal! We had a blast with Connor and Bren. The weather was beautiful, monsoon rains, it was gorgeous!

Dani, sweet 16!!!!!

On July 7, 1993, (yes I feel like I've typed this somewhere before!) my first beautiful girl was born. We were able to take Dani to dinner at Buca di Beppo in Mesa on her birthday. It was a little difficult for me, not having her like we normally do, and having cake, etc., but Bryce and I, and Dani went and had a fun time. She is a fun girl, and I am so grateful for her and love her so very much. Here are 16 things that are awesome about Dani!

1. She has attitude!
2. She is sensitive to hurt feelings.
3. Hard worker.
4. She was my first live Barbie doll, I changed her clothes constantly!
5. Loves her family
6. Is willing to work hard on projects.
7. Very healthy lungs.
8. Should enter the national Belching contest, top 5 I bet!
9. One of the fastest texters I know!
10. I loved having her climb on my bed and just visit.
11. I miss her a lot!
12. I love it when she speaks French!
13. I will always be willing to give you a "high pony" Dani!
14. She is a great help to her Dad.
15. Is usually quick to smile, and willing to help out.
16. She is making good decisions, and has a testimony.

Love her very much!