Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am writing a tribute to my Grandmother, Dora Mazuren. She passed away yesterday morning. I know that none of you knew her, but I am part of her and felt this was fitting. She was 99 years young. The last time I saw her was in July on our way back from Yellowstone. We had Dani and Jessica with us and they just loved on her.

She has been the only Grandma I have had. She lived a long wonderful life. She was an amazing singer, and yodeler. She was just amazing. I wish you could all have heard her. I have wonderful memories as child of all of the things she made. Every time they came for a visit she would put neat things she had made for us on our beds, and we would get home from school and have special things waiting for us. She was very clever and artsy, she could sew, crochet......

My mother has taken care of my Grandma for many years, and the last couple of years it has been very taxing. Her little body was just tired, but her mind was still with it. The last couple of weeks she really deteriorated and it was so hard for my mom to watch her suffer. As I watched all my mom did for her mom, I thought that is such a wonderful tribute to her. She raised her daughter well and good, with much love that was returned. I told my mom I hoped I could be as fine a daughter as she has been and I hope that my daughters will be as well. I am glad my Grandma is not suffereing any longer, and listen to this.

My cousin told me yesterday was national sisters day, and her Grammy was my Grandmas sister. She thought it was so wonderful that they were together on national sisters day. Isn't that just so cute. I am excited to see all of my family. We are leaving Saturday for the funeral on Monday. Then I will stay for about a week with my mom afterwards. I am sad, but I am finding it hard to be really sad, do you understand? I hope so. Love your moms and Grandmas, they are indeed special!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's the BARNEY-MILLER Cleaning!!

I decided I needed to give plug for Sheral Barneys and my new business! Yes we are Barney Miller, now sing the music that goes along with it!, I am!!!! Sheral and I are cleaning rentals and foreclosures. We are very cute, and sometimes depending upon the pay we could do a little dance too, we have cute aprons! Just kidding about the dance. We placed an add on Craigs List and a guy called us and has been sending us business. It is awesome. We are having lots of laughs and some frustrations. We cleaned a 3000 sq ft home saturday. Exhausted after 5 hours of cleaning, got in my car and it wouldn't start! Sheral smiled, I tried, we said a prayer, It started finally later that night. I left out some of my not so positive face makings! If you hear of anyone or know realestate people who need us, Who you gonna call?? (Are you hearing ghost buster music?) Don't call the ghostbusters, call Sheral or I! I post a picture of us in our aprons soon!

Did You say down dog?????

I say yoga! I say Yoga! I say Yoga Booty Ballet! It's the beginning of this wonderful year, (because it is going to be wonderful right!!!!!?) and for working out we hadn't done Yoga in a while. Well, we did it the other day. These girls that we watch are really incredible, but they have wonderful quotes and such that flash on throughout the workout. You sit down in the beginning and create an intention for the workout, (I have a hard time deciding if I am going to shower or not, but oh well!) You sit in "easy pose" and close your eyes. Then you open your hands at your chest in open receptivity. You know with as silly as it sounds I really do love its' intent. I do need to be more open and receptive to what is good. Those blessings that my Father in Heaven wants to send to me. I am divine and by darn I am going to continue to work on my "bulabunda" (it's a kaegle exercise! Love the word though!) That was supposed to be funny guys! No really, I am going to get back this year to doing the things I used to enjoy doing that have gone by the way side! I am going to be creative and do projects and finish them!!! (Yay the crowd goes wild!) Truly though, the divine in me recognizes the divine in you! Namasta!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

She'll Be comin Round the Mountain....

Mt. Charleston in the winter! Fun, fun, fun! We found some cheap sleds at Big 5 and headed up on Friday. I thought it would just be covered up there. But there wasn't as much as last year! But we had fun any way. some of our children wouldn't play, so by darn they are not pictured!! I am not pictured either, because remember, I don't like pictures!! Brenna was the dare devil. That girl I swear! She was going off jumps, my whole body hurt watching her. But I do have to say I went off a jump too, just not as fast! Jessica had her friend with her. Tyler and Connor both lost shoes, it was hilarious! I hope these memories last a long, long time!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Christmas Tree!

I do need to make mention of my tree. It was very exciting this year!. I was whining to my friend Sheral one very early morn ( it was a working out morning!) I really was whining. I told her my tree decoration were so sad! I just didn't like them at all. It was just this modge podge of a tree with ornament that Bryce had before we got married and all these different colors that we had to combine because so many had been busted by yep, you know, macks tail. You see I am kind of out the stage with babies getting all the ornaments, so sad! Well, back to the story, Sheral says Keri, go through these books, we are going to come up with some decorations for you! So we came up with a red and white tree, and it was magnificent. I just loved it. She had a bunch of red and white scrap book paper, that I made into different sized cones. I had clear beads. I found some really cute snowflakes at Target for cheap. Then I curled cheap red and white ribbon and threw it all over the tree. It was so fun! I just love it. I promise never to whine again, (you can't see that my fingers are crossed can you?) I also forgot to mention that we had a most wonderful breakfast Christmas morning prepared by Steve Dover. Hence this wonderful picutre! (Crepes, stuffed frenchtoast...feeling hungry?)

Christmas Time and Yes----snow!

Yep it snowed. We didn't build a snowman, but the chilies did play in it! I will add a few photos, (because I learned how to do that! Steve) We had a very quiet Christmas this year! All of the kids were with their other parent, except Tyler. He couldn't miss that much work. So we had fun, I hope! Other things also happened, kinda sad things, no pretty sad. Dani decided she wanted to have a go living with her Dad in Arizona. So she did not come back with Brenna and Connor after Christmas. It is something I try not to dwell on, but I hope she is successful and all she hopes for happens. We miss her very much.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Yes, yes, yes! Here I am. I am finally getting back on my blogg and maybe I will write a little. Steve Dover helped me figure out the picture part so now I can even put some pictures!

I am going to work my way back wards!

In December I turned 40. Yes I did, I turned 40!!! Scary! Bryce had a little surprie birthday party at our house for me. He did it the week before my birthday so I was very surprised. My friend Toni and sister-in-law Korby were big players in this also! It was fun and a great way to ring in this birthday I didn't want! But so sad I have no pictures of this grand night. That' ok, I don't like me in pictures any way. It is hard to believe I have probably lived 1/2 of my life. I am going to make sure I do better this second half!