Thursday, May 14, 2009

A quote, Oh my!!!!

I found a quote that I im-
mediately loved. Michelle Harris is my insp-
iration, she has wonderful quotes. Here goes:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So thankful for friends.....

I just wanted to blog about some wonderful things, well not things, but people. My friends. I have much to be grateful for, and I so appreciated everyones pick me ups! No judgements, just sweetness. Thank you. You listen on in writing, on the phone, and in person. Thank you. Plus I needed to have a different topic pop up, out with the old in with the new! As I have said to many of you, thank goodness for new days. I love you all, and appreciate your loving service!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't bother!

No worries, crappy attitude, don't read my next blog entry!!! This is my disclaimer!

Just plain Frustrated!

And that would would be putting it mildly, nicely, whatever. Part of me questions why in the world I am blogging this, but the other part just says "whatever!" I have to question just where I am. What place am I at right now. Yesterday was Mother's Day right? I am so very grateful and thankful for my mom, but I do not feel appreciated, nor do I feel worthy of that appreciation. In church Bishop John Manis gave the most beautiful talk. Said some of the most wonderful, eloquent things. Many wonderful tributes. But as I sat there, I did not feel better or wonderful. I felt very unworthy of the thoughts spoken about, but I think most of all very inadequate and know I am not doing those things to be deserving of such praise. I am tired of my weaknesses, failures. I look at our children and some of the things we are dealing with and wonder where did I go so wrong? Why was I trusted with them to just fail? I know some of it is they are teenagers. But all of it can not be. The dynamics in our family are unique, but whose aren't? My expectations, are they too high? How do I lower and not feel resentful? I want so much to enjoy being with my family and for them to enjoy me, but it feels like we have so many things working against us. It feels like such a constant barage of things. I am supposed to love all of the children, but things keep happening to hinder that. Example: (boy you're getting an ear full today!) Thieves. Can't cut their hand off if you can't catch them or they won't admit it, or the money gets taken somewhere else, so you can't see if it's being spent. $100 worth of change taken out of our emergency change jar. What would you do? My hair is gray and getting thin. My folded tithing money, $20, taken out of my wallet. Bryce is overwhelmed and saddened, ditto for me. I fear I am losing sight of why our family is important. Am i really? I have all of the right answers, know them, just don't feel all of them all the time. Alot of this was just venting, no worries, just a frustrating day yesterday, and disappointing. Oh well, new days abound!

Ryann and 14 years!

April 28, (yep I'm behind!) Ryann turned 14. She had parties going on all over the place! At her mom's, here. Crazy, crazy. Bryce and I collaberated on 14 wonderful things about Ryann:

1. Full of energy
2. One of the most forgiving people we know
3. Loves to Sing
4. Loves to Perform
5. Stands up for People
6. Values her Friends
7. Well Liked
8. Organized
9. Likes her Vegies
10. Loves to Shop
11. Gets good Grades
12. Very inventive
13. Definately Bryce's Baby
14. Her family loves her very much!