Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Oh my! I look at everyone's blogs and you all have such cute things to say and show! I think I am scared to tell what goes on and is said behind our closed doors. I think at one time I used to be clever! Where it went I do not know! I think at one time I used to be creative, where it went? Oh well! I sure do enjoy all of you.

I did manage to get my tree and lights outside all done! That is exciting! Still no Christmas presents bought yet! (There! There is a deep dark secret, a-ha!) I have made a few though! I am smiling now, so this has done its job! Hope it did for you too!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I finally managed to get back on. I don't have any pictures (aaaaah, so sad!) We celebrated Connor and Chase's birthday. Chase turned 15 on November 15, and Connor turned 11 on November 16. It was fun. We also had a very nice Thanksgiving. We had no children. It was very quiet. Bryce and I went to Bryce's parents and it was a rather small gathering also. Our children were at their other parents houses. They all had good food, though and had enjoyable times. I think I am not very good at this.

What was really exciting was I realized I had some comments from my pictures, I hadn't checked that out. So I got to do that. It was very clever and exciting! I will write soon, somehow I have got to be more interesting!!!!