Thursday, July 7, 2011

Danielle, My New Little 18 Year Old!!!!!

WOW!!!! 18 years ago today she blessed our lives, AMAZING!!! So today I tell my little Dani 18 reasons why I love her and think she's awesome!:

1. She is very energetic!
2. She can pull people together.
3. Knows the importance of family.
4. Appreciates her friends.
4. Her smile can light up the room!
5. She can accomplish anything she puts her mind to!
6. She is confident.
7. She has always been able to recognize the spirit.
8. She is a go-getter.
9. Sometimes she learns the hard way, but she learns!
10. She makes me laugh.
11. She keeps me humble.
12. She is very generous.
13. She loves her brothers and sisters.
14. She loves Bryce and I!!!!!!!! (Right????!!!!)
15. She is very dramatic, especially with a brooklyn accent!
16. She values her family.
17. She is so dang smart.
18. She blesses my life everyday, and I am soooo grateful for her and love her more than she knows!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 18th Birthday Sweetheart!!!!

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