Friday, July 31, 2009

Dani, sweet 16!!!!!

On July 7, 1993, (yes I feel like I've typed this somewhere before!) my first beautiful girl was born. We were able to take Dani to dinner at Buca di Beppo in Mesa on her birthday. It was a little difficult for me, not having her like we normally do, and having cake, etc., but Bryce and I, and Dani went and had a fun time. She is a fun girl, and I am so grateful for her and love her so very much. Here are 16 things that are awesome about Dani!

1. She has attitude!
2. She is sensitive to hurt feelings.
3. Hard worker.
4. She was my first live Barbie doll, I changed her clothes constantly!
5. Loves her family
6. Is willing to work hard on projects.
7. Very healthy lungs.
8. Should enter the national Belching contest, top 5 I bet!
9. One of the fastest texters I know!
10. I loved having her climb on my bed and just visit.
11. I miss her a lot!
12. I love it when she speaks French!
13. I will always be willing to give you a "high pony" Dani!
14. She is a great help to her Dad.
15. Is usually quick to smile, and willing to help out.
16. She is making good decisions, and has a testimony.

Love her very much!

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Melissa Everett said...

can I tell you how much I miss you guys! Love the cake on the face!!!